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Space Paranoids was an arcade game developed by a hacker named Flynn in a movie called 'TRON', the best motion picture made. Ever. In the world.

This website just serves as a braindump for me to put all my development stuff.

LDS Open Source Software

I have a website called The Nephite Network which is a collection of tiny religious websites.

For development stuff, I work on the Mormon Documentation Project, where I archive stuff for third-party programs and developers, like the LDS canon of scriptures.

Gentoo Linux

I'm a former Gentoo developer, and I used to work on various stuff, mostly multimedia. I also maintain znurt.org. I moved my old dev space here.


By trade, I am a systems administrator. I used to be a web developer, and still hack on stuff time to time. My programming language of choice is PHP, and I'll dump any scripts I'm working on here. At work I write shell scripts, and use the Bourne shell where possible, since I never know what system stuff is going to go onto. I've also started learning C, and I love it already! It is a great language.


I love working with multimedia on Linux, particularly DVDs. I have lots and lots of TV shows on DVD, and I've learned a lot of stuff about accessing them through having so many to test on. I've created a dvds wiki which is an effort to take all the little things I've picked up along the way, and structure it. The intent is that it will prove a useful resource for someone doing similar work.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

I absolutely love AD&D 2e, and I am a novice Dungeon Master. You can buy a lot of the original modules in PDF format at DND Classics site, although I tend to prefer to have the actual books.

About Me

My name is Steve Dibb, and I live in utah.us. You can read what I'm up to by following my blog where I write about stuff like computers, tv shows, dvds, soundtracks, cartoons, scriptures and databases. I'm attending school at Utah Valley University where I'm pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Here's my contact info.

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